Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Update - 29 May

Just a short one for today.  I am planning on getting your mind jogging tomorrow :)

Picture the scene:  A domestic worker is going on leave for a couple of weeks and has (with permission of her boss), got a friend to help while she is off.  She shows her how everything works including the Iron.

She shows her to dip her fingers in water and flick the water at the Iron - if it sizzles it is hot enough.  The next week the boss is home doing a guitar lesson, an he suddenly hears shrieks from the domestic worker.  He races to see what happened, she licked the Iron!!

By the way that is a true story and I should probably point out that I am a South African and a lots people were greatly disadvantaged and that she probably had no idea that there was such a device.

That's it for today.

Tomorrow I plan to chat about a well known and hated personalty.

Thanks for reading.
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